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RoteSocke78 03-24-07 11:18 AM

"Inverse" 3d objects under openSuSE 10.2

Under openSuSE 10.2 many 3d objects are drawn "inside out", i.e. in the flying toasters screen saver the toast slots are drawn in front of the toasters, the hanoi saver shows the holes not inside the discs, but in front of them, the sticks behind the discs, not through them.
Has anyone experienced the same problems?
Any solution/workaround?

Perhaps helpful data:
graphics board:
XpertVision/Palit 7600GT 256Mb PCIe
driver (Yast Method):

JClosed 03-24-07 11:54 AM

Re: "Inverse" 3d objects under openSuSE 10.2
Sorry - no answer here...

I've seen the same effect under Mandriva 2007. It's only with the latest drivers. I am using the 9742 (dri/glx build packages) on this moment. Those don't seem to have this problem. Installing the newer drivers by "hand" however, gives strange effects and must be considered a failure.. It's a shame, because i liked to see how new drivers work. Now I have to wait until a package is made from it...

On top on this "inside-out" effect there are also serious problems with Quake4. All transparent surfaces don't work as expected. If you see a window in the game you wont see the outside world, but only a dull gray surface. In effect all windows changed into grey walls. Also the text inside the game looks very strange. On the border of the letter everything is sharp, but the "inside" of the letter is fragmented black. It's readable but not pretty...

So - no download and install by "hand" for me anymore. I'm fully depending on the package builders now... :(

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