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morphian 03-24-07 11:01 PM

How to configure X.org after installing NVidia Driver?
I was able to install the nvidia 86_64-1.0.9631-pkg2.run driver and also was able to install the kernel and gcc compiler it required. everything seemed to be successful coz it said so. but now i tried to configure x.org by typing sax2 -m 0=nvidia where 0 is a number not a letter, but this is what came out:

sax: initializing please wait...
sax: your current configuration will not be read in

sax: no x-server is running
sax: will start own server if needed
spp: prepare device [0] profile: Depth 24
spp: prepare device [0] profile: NVidia
spp: calling device [0] profile script: NVidia
spp: including prepared profile(s)...

sax: startup...

then it just went on standby mode (the monitor i mean)... the monitor just turned off and went to standby mode. i gave it about 2 minutes coz i thought maybe it was just taking time to process but still nothing happened. so i pressed ctrl+alt+backspace and went back to my desktop. i went to YaSt then Hardware then Graphics Card and Monitor. i tested the settings and the very same thing happened. my monitor, instead of giving a corrupted screen like before installing the driver, it went on standby mode. just went off too and went to standby mode.

what's wrong? can anyone please tell me what's wrong? and how i can fix it? i would really appreciate your help.

Thunderbird 03-25-07 04:50 AM

Re: How to configure X.org after installing NVidia Driver?
You could use nvidia-xconfig to create an X config file. I'm not familiar with sax2.

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