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misterflibble 03-25-07 12:31 AM

Component Out HDTV modes
I have component-out on my onboard 6150. When I set my TVStandard to 1080i and my Resolution to 1920x1080 in my xorg.conf, everything works fine. I noticed however, that the driver will validate any built in TV resolutions lower than that, such as 1280x720, 720x480, etc. Similarly, setting TVStandard to 720p allows validation of all other TV modes, except 1920x1080. I expected that having these resolutions would allow me to switch from 1080i to 720p with xrandr. However, it just switches from 1920x1080 resolution at 1080i timings to a 1280x720 resolution still at 1080i timings, resulting in a small box drawn on the screen. This can't be the intended behavior, can it? Making a smaller screen resolution at the 1080i timings *would* be useful if I could make it an arbitrary size, say 1920x1000, to eliminate overscan, but these tiny boxes don't seem to be of any use at all. Is this a bug, or a hardware limitation?

netllama 03-25-07 10:33 PM

Re: Component Out HDTV modes
This is a known bug.

misterflibble 03-26-07 01:12 PM

Re: Component Out HDTV modes
Thanks, I just wanted to make sure that Nvidia was aware of it, as I couldn't find any references to it elsewhere.

miltiad 03-26-07 06:37 PM

Re: Component Out HDTV modes
Any ETA when it will be fixed plz ?

netllama 03-26-07 06:44 PM

Re: Component Out HDTV modes
No, there is no ETA at this time.

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