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NrGx 03-27-07 06:58 PM

WoW: Character/Server
A thread ONLY for posting character and server please.

Niphendris Level 70 Druid - Barthilas Alliance
Crysil Level 66 Paladin - Barthilas Alliance (current main character)
Lamenete Level 60 Warlock - Cenarius Allince (Horde crusher i.e pvp char ;))

Xion X2 03-27-07 08:44 PM

Re: WoW: Character/Server
Leastra, Lvl 11, Rogue, Bonechewer

lIqUID 04-14-07 08:04 PM

Re: WoW: Character/Server
Liq-70 rogue Lethon horde (current main)
Liq-60 paladin Frostwolf alliance (retired Naxx raider)
Leek-60 shaman Duskwood horde (retired)
Deity-40 paladin Lethon horde (current alt)

|MaguS| 04-14-07 08:33 PM

Re: WoW: Character/Server
Kortia, lvl 31 Hunter, Bonechewer

MrSavoy 04-15-07 03:57 AM

Re: WoW: Character/Server
Lev 70 Druid-Dalaran
Lev 68 Mage-Dalaran

firehawk 04-19-07 05:28 AM

Re: WoW: Character/Server

does anyone have a horde warlock on mok'nathal that can summon?

i need my lvl 3 character to get to booty bay so i can transfer money to him from my main alliance character.


character: Oprahwinfrey 50 warrior
server: mok'nathal

WeReWoLf 04-19-07 05:52 AM

Re: WoW: Character/Server
Werewolph - Windrunner, lvl 70 (retired)

I only ever had the 1 character, mainly coz every other class was boring. Quit about a month ago, after 2 1/2 years.

Son Goku 04-27-07 01:17 AM

Re: WoW: Character/Server
Have too many to list them all, so I'll just put some of the characters I've tended to play more down:

Gogeta - Aman'Thul - lvl 60 human paladin - retired
Gotten - Aman'Thul - lvl 70 Night Elf hunter - current main
Pyrus - Aman'Thul - lvl 43 Draenie warrior - current alt
Picolo - Aman'Thul - lvl 23 Night Elf rogue - current alt

On another alternate realm:

Gotten - Gnomeragan - lvl 60 Orc hunter - sort of a main on an alt realm

Have quite a number of other characters, all of which are probably not yet worth mentioning.

Roliath 04-29-07 06:41 PM

Re: WoW: Character/Server
I went horde after having two raiding ally toons.
I got an Undead Rogue = vingian = ursin
orc warrior on ursin aswell.
lvl'ing up a lock aswell. My allys are parked now though..mainly auction house toons :-(

Monolyth 04-30-07 08:31 AM

Re: WoW: Character/Server
All US:
Monolyth - Level 70 Orc Rogue - Mal'Ganis (Main) - WoW Armory Link
Kawnahtee - Level 18 Troll Hunter - Mal'Ganis (Alt)
Sellit - Level 1 Orc Shaman - Mal'Ganis (One of the Founding Fathers of "The Auctioneers" Guild) ;)

Phyre 04-30-07 09:59 AM

Re: WoW: Character/Server
Barleystout - lvl 70 Dwarf Rogue, Earthen Ring


Epyx 05-01-07 10:38 AM

Re: WoW: Character/Server

Any tips for an Alliance Rogue on Mal'Gannis? ;)

Crit gear, Attack power? Talents? Ill take any suggestions you have. Had a lvl 60 Hunter on Windrunner and retired about 4 months after game launch. With the expansion I am back but wanted the adrenaline of PVP so started a gnome rogue on Mal'Gannis.

I have come to love Pickpocket as in the lvl 30s its easily doubling my take and should see me with a mount at lvl 40.

Thaldrik lvl 60 Hunter -> Windrunner
Shivengank lvl 37 Rogue -> Mal'Gannis

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