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MuFu 03-18-03 05:49 PM

Watercooled 5800 Ultra at CeBIT

Looks like BladeRunner's work.


GlowStick 03-18-03 05:53 PM

What is this Ram speed lock they talk about?

Sazar 03-18-03 06:50 PM


Originally posted by GlowStick
What is this Ram speed lock they talk about?
I'll wager its a lock on the ram speed ?


muzz 03-18-03 06:55 PM

Hmmmmmmmmm bb over at FM used a wb on the gpu on his ultra, obviously didn't do the kind of ram cooling that is there.... but was able to OC his ram.......not sure what brand it was, but it wasn't a gainward.

surfhurleydude 03-18-03 07:18 PM

badboy put heatsinks and DELTA FANS to cool his ram. Not much better than standard cooling by any means...

GlowStick 03-18-03 07:19 PM


Originally posted by Sazar
I'll wager its a lock on the ram speed ?


ive seen reviews say they oced the ram a tad, so i dont see a lock.

DaveBaumann 03-18-03 08:54 PM

It was done by the guys at www.bit-tech.net .

The actualy board was supposed to be a 'dead' reference board NVIDIA gave Gainward, but once Bit-Tech got it (AFAIK) they found it operated OK at 400/400. With the water cooler on it was working at the supposedly 'dead' speed of 500/500.

GlowStick 03-18-03 10:18 PM

Oh kinda confuseing hehe

BladeRunner 03-19-03 12:41 PM

All confusion made clear HERE (hopefully) :cool:

ragejg 03-19-03 12:57 PM


That's a damn cool forum! Never been there before...

Might go there once in a while for cooling info...


BladeRunner 03-19-03 01:21 PM


Yeah I though much the same as you when I found it myself a while back.


This is such a good forum, it's amazing other sites haven't followed Pro's lead here?
You'll find detailed water-block design topics and much feedback on all types of construction techniques equipment / milling machines etc.

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