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durilka 03-30-07 12:55 PM

nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
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Hi there,

I have trouble with my 6200(msi i guess) card which started after switching to feisty+2.6.20 kernels(generic and lowlatency, no custom built ones) I'm absolutely unable to use legacy nvidia drivers both via restricted modules and with nvidia installer. Everything used to work up to 2.6.17(where I have to stay) so it's not the xorg configuration problem. And when any of 2.6.20 kernels are booted computer dramatically hangs(no ctrl+alt+f1 & co, just hard reboot) even without writing the xorg.0.log so I have no information on what can go wrong...

I assume this problem is kernel-driver conflict so I'm attaching also the kernel config and please note that log contains data *after* reboot and switch to nv driver so at least I can start the x server.

Thanks in advance.

Prozzaks 03-31-07 12:00 PM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
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I have the exact same problem using a kernel I built myself on Gentoo. I can load the nvidia kernel module (modprobe nvidia) without any problem. However, as soon as I try to start X, the screen goes blank, and I can't do anything (VT-switch, ALT-CTRL-DEL, ALT-CTRL-BACKSPACE, etc...). I saw in the driver README that it might be a problem with some buggy BIOSes, so I left my computer like that for 30 mins, and nothing happened.

As you have said, there is nothing written in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.

Of course, in the included log, I'm using the Open Source nv driver since I can't get X to work with the NVidia driver.

durilka 03-31-07 02:16 PM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
well, this can be bios problem. 2.6.20 is quite a radical release so bios parts could've been changed, but i don't beleive that waiting can help. when linux hangs - it does it seriously ;-=-)

netllama 03-31-07 04:01 PM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
Have you verified that you're using the most recent motherboard BIOS?

Prozzaks 04-01-07 08:55 PM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
No I haven't, but I will verify this now.

durilka 04-02-07 03:07 AM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
funny enough looks like we have similar mainboards. too much nvidia in our computers?

i'll try to upgrade the bios too if i'll find a way to run .exe files...

durilka 04-02-07 03:11 PM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
Hi Netllama,

the bios is latest now. the board is quite old: GA-K8NS(last bios update was published in march 2006). Problem remains.

Prozzaks 04-02-07 11:07 PM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
I upgraded to. Guess what? I also have a Gigabyte motherboard : GA-K8NSC-939. I upgraded the BIOS to the latest version which is "F8". It didn't solve the problem.

durilka 04-03-07 07:53 AM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
So to summarize:
Nvidia graphic cards hang computer having mainboard built on nvidia chipsets when using 2.6.20 kernel family.
(Am i doing too much of SQL? :crosseye:)

comments from nvidia?
(On the other hand this site provides quite extensive set of emo-icons. that's sweet.)

Prozzaks 04-03-07 09:19 PM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
I think that is a bit excessive. I would much rather say that the Nvidia 9755 driver hags with a 2.6.20.x kernel while running on GA-K8NSC Mobo, but even then, two sample is not enough to draw such a conclusion.

What is the brand and model of your graphics card? It seems much more likely to me that a given graphics card model would cause the problem. Why does my card work with the previous drivers (I used something like 87xx)? Why am I getting frame rates that are 10x faster on UT2004 while running a demo in 32bits instead of 64bits? There are too many variables and unidentified symptoms! Unfortunately, I don't know where to start probing. The hard lock with the 9755 drivers and the kernel was a complete show stopper so I came here to seek the word of the wise. ;)

My graphic card is a PNY Verto GeForce 6800GT 256MB.

durilka 04-04-07 03:39 AM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer

Originally Posted by Prozzaks
I think that is a bit excessive...

Hey, you're lucky. For me no binary driver works with 2.6.20 (just checked and I haven't tried the 87xx series - will do that tonight).
My card is probably ASUS on 6200 chipset with 128MB. I don't remember exactly.
So the only common part we have is nvidia mobo chipsets. I have a gut feeling that the root of the problem is there...

Prozzaks 04-04-07 11:58 PM

Re: nvidia+amd64+2.6.20+feisty = stone dead computer
With no binary driver work. The 87xx worked with kernel Even then, on a given UT2004 demo (self made), I got 8 fps avg, whereas with kubuntu 32 bits running I don't know what kernel version and NVidia drivers 87xx I got 85 fps avg. Even if they ran, it was far from playable. I haven't seen a lot posts about performance problem on amd64, and if it was a wide spread problem, then why would the developers of UT2004 bother to include the 64bits version?

Oh! I not just UT2004! I also get sucky performance with sauerbraten. Most people I have seen reporting performance problems didn't have GLX configured properly. I only I had another graphic card, I could rule out the video card.

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