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jcrox 03-31-07 05:48 PM

EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
Well, I finally went and upgraded to C2D and of course, I'm one of the lucky ones. Got everything installed and right when I'm on the verge of jumping out of my skin in anticipation, I plug the beast in....hit the power button and....nothing. Just to double check, borrowed a friends Intel board and plugged everything into that, fired right up. RMA time for the EVGA 680i. Soooooo disappointed. I'm seriously thinking about getting a different board all together and avoiding EVGA motherboards from here on out...my NF41 board stunk it up too.

OrangeBlast 03-31-07 06:03 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
Wasn't a grounding issue? PSU was plugged in right to the 680i? RAM and all cards pushed in to slot all the way? CMOS battery was in? CPU was mounted right along with the HSF assembly? The Computer Case's reset and power switch buttons were plugged in board properly? Did you try it with 1 stick of RAM at all? Possible ESD, were you grounded when plugging in all your parts?

just some questions and things to try for the future.

jcrox 03-31-07 06:27 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
Everything was connected and ready to go. Like I said, put everything in a different motherboard and it worked perfect. I did put everything back into the EVGA mobo a 2nd time just to make sure....nothing. Not a fan spinning, not a single noise. I didn't mind waiting to upgrade but now that I have the memory and the processor in hand.....this really bites!!!

OrangeBlast 03-31-07 06:37 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
hrm, its bound to happen I guess. I've gotten my share of bad HW before, just a simple RMA or exchange usually fixes that :p

Xion X2 03-31-07 09:51 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
Toss it on the junk pile with all the rest of them.

jcrox 04-02-07 01:42 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
New board arrived this morning. Got everything set up, fired right up and OCing to 3ghz was a breeze. Played for about an hour and right in the middle of Stalker my system just shuts off for no reason. No BSOD, no crash to desktop, just completely off. Wont turn back on. Guessing it's return time. Enough with the EVGA mobo's. This is my last one. Think I'll sell my 2 640meg GTS's get 1 GTX and a 965 board.

LORD-eX-Bu 04-02-07 01:46 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
have you checked your PSU? maybe it killed your mobo, or it could just be Foxconn's wonderful quality:lol:

sorry man, that sucks, I had to RMA my board as well. I'm gonna go P965 and never look back at nVIDIA chipsets.

Slammin 04-02-07 02:43 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
My guess would be the PSU as well. I smoked an OCZ PS520 and they are pretty good. I don't know if I'd trust their multi-rail 700w PSU's in a Sli box with an overclocked CPU though.

snilloconator 04-02-07 05:10 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
Yeah you don't mention your power supply.... What is it?

LORD-eX-Bu 04-02-07 05:11 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
first line of his sig states OCZ 700W PSU :p

jcrox 04-02-07 08:33 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
Borrowed a friends 965 board...everything is running great for 4+ hours now. 680i can kiss my rear end. I'll definitely be dropping the 680i all together.

A101Sugar 04-02-07 08:39 PM

Re: EVGA 680i .....D.O.A.
I can take it off your hands for you ;)

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