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sidevinder 04-03-07 05:19 AM

No TVOut from FoxConn GEForce 6150
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I have a Foxconn 6150K8MA-8EKRS Socket 939 NVIDIA GeForce 6150 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard with an SVIDEO TV-Out connector. I am running Fedora Core 6 X86_64 with an AMD Athlon64 3700+ San Diego 2.2GHz Socket 939 (ADA3700CFBox) and 2x256MB Kingston HyperX RAM.

I cannot get the SVIDEO TV-Out to function at all (TV blank screen). I can only get the 15-pin VGA CRT connection to work. I only need to use the TVOut and don't need to use both TV and CRT at the same time. What do I need to do to get teh TV out to work? I get the following warning in the xorg log:

(WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Invalid ConnectedMonitor request; request was for 'TV-0', but
(WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): the valid display devices are 'CRT-0'.
(WW) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Unable to read EDID for display device CRT-0

netllama 04-03-07 10:28 AM

Re: No TVOut from FoxConn GEForce 6150
Try adding the following option:
Option "IgnoreDisplayDevice" "CRT"

Also, please verify that you're using the latest motherboard BIOS.

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