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rmbl 04-05-07 06:54 AM

PC is constantly crashing
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I got a big problem and it seems like the nvidia drivers are somehow responsible for that. Everytime I am starting a 3D game (like Enemy Territory) my PC is crashing some minutes/seconds later. Crashing means the screen turns black, the fan of my FX 5900 is blowing at full speed and i cant do anything but restart the computer. The first time i recognized that problem was on Gentoo, but after trying out ArchLinux I still got this problem and already tried to solve it with some tipps i got from other people but none of these really helped me.

My PC is a AMD Athlon XP 2400+ with 768 MB DDR Ram and a NVIDIA FX 5900.

My nvidia-bug-report.log is attached.

Thanks for any help!

netllama 04-05-07 11:27 AM

Re: PC is constantly crashing
I have a few questions:
0) Does this problem persist if you set NvAGP to 0 in xorg.conf ?
1) Have you verified that you're using the most recent motherboard BIOS?
2) Other than enemy territory, what else triggers this crash? Does glxgears do it as well?


rmbl 04-05-07 01:03 PM

Re: PC is constantly crashing
0) I'll try that ..

1) No, i haven't upgraded my mainboard .. I cant remember it at least (its five years old ..). I'll check if there is an update available and install it if i can find an old boot disc :)

2) At the moment there is no specific application which triggers the crash i think. The last time it crashed while i was posting on this forum (with firefox).

Thanks for the reply.

Edit: The NvAGP Option doesnt change anything.

rmbl 04-06-07 05:54 PM

Re: PC is constantly crashing
I tested it again with the "nv" driver which also crashed the pc :/ The only thing i can try now is to test it with older drivers like the 8xxx or 7xxx releases.

Lethe 04-07-07 02:41 AM

Re: PC is constantly crashing
Go into BIOS and set the AGP rate to 2x - you will not see any difference.

My machine locks up with AGP 4x - since settings AGP 2x I have never had a machine crash (and I am running a GeForce 7600GS card now too).



rmbl 04-13-07 07:05 AM

Re: PC is constantly crashing
Thanks for the hint but it doesnt work for me :(
The only positive thing to say is that the vesa driver is pretty stable oO

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