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sysinu 04-05-07 10:37 AM

OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's
I am running into a performance problem with the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS on a Opteron platform when in SLI mode. It seems as though OpenGL performance while SLI is enabled is extremely poor.

My system configuration is the following:

4U chassis with a 1000 watt high efficiency power supply
(2) Opteron 2220 (2.8 GHz) Socket 1207 processors
(8) 2 GB DDR2-667 memory modules
146 GB SAS local disk
(2) NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS (640MB) hardware configured in SLI mode

I have attempted SLI on both SLES10, as well as RHEL4 with a 2.6.20 kernel having module support included by the NVIDIA linux binary, however replicated the same issue on both platforms.

When I have in my xorg.conf file `Option "SLI" "0"` with this hardware configuration I get about 22,000 frames per second when running glxgears however when I enable SLI by using `Option "SLI" "1"` or `Option "SLI" "AFRofAA"` I run into a terrifying performance hit. Running glxgears I get about ** 2.4 to 2.6 frames per second. **

I attempted to contact PNY about this (the manufacturer of my card) and they told me that they "Don't support Linux".

I fear there is a complication in my hardware configuration with the 8800 GTS configured in SLI mode. I say this because I replace my (2) 8800 GTS's with (2) Quadro 4500's configured in SLI and I get no such performance hit.

Please, if anyone has insight on this, I would greatly appreciate it!

Debug information which may or may not be usefull...

/etc/X11/xorg.conf file:

/var/log/Xorg.0.log file:

Linux version 2.6.20 (root@ls1host) (gcc version 3.4.5 20051201 (Red Hat 3.4.5-2)) #1 SMP Wed Apr 4 21:07:57 MDT 2007

NVIDIA module:

BIOS version:
TYAN BIOS version 1.1

netllama 04-05-07 11:20 AM

Re: OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's
glxgears is not a useful benchmark. Are you experiencing performance problems with real world OpenGL applications?

Also, see the driver README's discussion of why glxgears will have lessor performance when SLI is enabled.

And finally:


sysinu 04-05-07 11:56 AM

Re: OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's
Yes, I have tested against other "real" benchmarks for example the following:


Configuration      RHEL4 1 8800          RHEL4 2 8800's SLI
3dsmax-04          3.656                      0.1897
catia-02              10.28                      0.1661
ensight-03          14.23                      0.1278
light-08              8.235                      0.2644
maya-02            19.51                        0.3305
proe-04              7.545                      0.1151
sw-01                6.157                      0.2864
ugnx-01              3.335                      0.02893
tcvis-01              4.356                        0.05313

This is a comparison of runs of SPECViewperf. I only use glxgears as a simple openGL application to demonstrate the dramatic effect of how enabling SLI for me inhibits my performance... 22,000 frames per second going down to 2.4 frames per second specifically. Similar performance characteristics are seen in my SPECViewperf benchmarks as well.

netllama 04-05-07 11:58 AM

Re: OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's

sysinu 04-05-07 12:07 PM

Re: OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's
1 Attachment(s)
Also... here is a gzip of my nvidia bug report log.

netllama 04-05-07 12:37 PM

Re: OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's
The problem here is:
NVRM: PAT index 2 already configured for Write-Combining!
NVRM: Aborting, due to PAT already being configured

All of your CPUs appear as "AMD Engineering Sample". What exactly are these CPUs? Does this problem persist if you're using a system where the CPUs are production level?


sysinu 04-05-07 04:20 PM

Re: OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's
Heh, actually... those are TTK's (thermal test kit) from AMD. I replicate the same problem in a box with Production Opteron 2220's.

sysinu 04-05-07 04:21 PM

Re: OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's
Silly question on my part... but what does "NVRM: PAT index 2 already configured for Write-Combining!" apply to directly? Is this something I'm doing incorrectly in my xorg.conf file? or? (sorry for sounding newbish)

netllama 04-05-07 04:33 PM

Re: OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's
The 'PAT index 2....' messages just point to an issue with how PAT is setup on the CPUs, which is what is causing the poor performance. I also noticed in your dmidecode output that you're using some kind of 'reference' or sample motherboard from Tyan. Is the 'other' system that has production quality CPUs using the same motherboard, or a production quality board?

Does this also reproduce with an official SUSE kernel?

The fact that no one else has reported this problem (and there are clearly a decent number of people using GeForce 8800 cards in SLI) really leads me to think that something in your environment is causing this, and not a driver bug. If you could provide otherwise that would be great.

zander 04-05-07 04:38 PM

Re: OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's
It refers to the processor's page attribute table configuration. The reset value for PAT index 2 should be UC-, not WC. Are you using a vanilla kernel?

sysinu 04-05-07 05:13 PM

Re: OpenGL performance issues on SLI'd GeForce 8800's
Yes the other motherboard is a TYAN S2915.
Yes this is a vanilla kernel (2.6.20) -- I will give it a whirl using a kernel (official SLES)

Both motherboards are production quality. Let me generate the NV bug report on this new box once I get the other card in it.

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