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DiscipleDOC 04-06-07 11:41 AM

RAM Overclocking.
Does anyone have a good link to a site about overclocking my RAM?

buffbiff21 04-06-07 05:38 PM

Re: RAM Overclocking.
What is there to know?

All you need to do is leave it twice the speed of your FSB. Setting it any higher would place strain upon the memory controller located in the NB chip. (and is a bitch to get stable)

Lets take your FX 5200 chip. set the multi down, bump the fSB up. Your memory runs stock at 800 mhz. that is 400 fsb. Im not sure if your board can run this, but give it a shot. (note this is not even overclocking your memory. That speed should be plenty for that board/chip combo)

Blacklash 04-06-07 07:46 PM

Re: RAM Overclocking.
Xtremesystems is a great place to haunt for advice. The "Bandwidth" section has a focus on ram:


You may also want to stick you head in the AMD section.

A good mem list and overclock guide are here:


takovr 04-16-07 01:47 PM

Re: RAM Overclocking.
GO to www.overclockers.com

buffbiff21 04-18-07 12:14 PM

Re: RAM Overclocking.

Originally Posted by buffbiff21
All you need to do is leave it twice the speed of your FSB.


I forgot to mention that you should treat the FSB the same as the reference clock on AMD CPUs.

Plus, I believe the memory controller (hell, the entire northbridge) is basically integrated to the CPU with AMD models, allowing for more liberal FSB/RAM dividers. It is more flexible than Intel's current CPUs, and far far more flexible than old Bartons.

XDanger 04-27-07 02:41 PM

Re: RAM Overclocking.
Apart from the timings and fsb stuff-
Rip off those lame Corsair Heatspreaders and put some individual copper Ramsinks on your modules and use a nice fan ,OCZ or whatever OR 2 60mm fans cable-tied together mounted with rubber bands/cable ties/meccano :)

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