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caudata 03-19-03 06:34 PM

Anyone try Asus's linux drivers?
I'm new to the forum so I may have missed a few posts. I am planning to build a system with the Asus A7N8X deluxe and a linux distro. I have read about the problems people have been having with Nvidia's linux drivers, but has anyone used Asus's apparently newer Linux drivers for the A7N8X off Asus's website? Asus even says not to use Nvidia's drivers! Thanks in advance.


Asus's linux drivers

caudata 03-19-03 07:21 PM

Like I said I will be building my system soon. I didn't know Asus was nice enough to ship Linux drivers, even if there are some problems. I thought the website drivers may have been an "after the fact" release. The driver release date was 1/29/03, nothing newer!:(


Kormac76 04-01-03 07:41 AM

I'd also like to know something about these drivers. Does it mean that the official drivers from nVIDIA's site do not work well with the ASUS boards?
What sort of differences are there that would require a separate driver package?
I'm about to make my decision about a new MB, and if the ASUS board does not work well with the regular drivers from nVIDIA I think I'll go for MSI instead. I don't really need onboard ethernet or sound since I have PCI cards for that, so in the case that the difference only affects that I would go for ASUS.

thingi 04-03-03 06:55 AM

There was a slight problem with Nvidia's nforce2 Windows drivers on the A7N8X prior to 2.04 being released, but that now been fixed.

As for Linux, there's no problem at all using the Nvidia drivers, it's just that ASUS is nice enough to include some on their install CD.


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