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muzzol 04-10-07 04:21 AM

powermizer in linux

i've been reading some info about gforce go cards here:


and i wonder about powermizer technology. is this supported by linux driver? is there any power management at all in linux drivers? is powermizer a technology or just a software that attack some nvidia funcions?


Gibarian1979 04-15-07 12:01 PM

Re: powermizer in linux
Could it be that Powermizer is already delivered by the NVIDIA Driver ?

When checking the Clockrate of a GeForce 7400 without heavy graphics
running one gets via nvclock --i a GPU clock of 100.237 MHz. When
starting glxgears one gets a GPU clock of 445.500 MHz. After exiting
the glxgears app the clock rate of the GPU is gradually reduced to 100 MHz.

Is this Powermizer functionality ?


muzzol 04-15-07 01:58 PM

Re: powermizer in linux
i don't know, this is why im asking.

hede 10-23-07 02:52 AM

Re: powermizer in linux
Is PowerMizer support in the Linux driver or not?
I've found some posts reporting working PowerMizer configurations but whatever driver I install I do not get any Powersavings for my GeForce Go 6800 in a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M3438G (In Windows it is working like a charm). Is there anywhere a list which Chips work and which not?

btw. I've written to linux-bugs@nvidia.com but didn't even get any answer... not even a "we cannot help you"...

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