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stevieag 04-10-07 08:40 AM

compiz/beryl/nvidia 7655 no work?!?!
im running mandriva 2007 free

i installed the official 7655 driver.

this enabled the compiz option under 3d.

i recieved no 3d enhancments. so i updated the compiz and it indicated various other programs needed. i installed these some being beryl, emerald.....

i now have under config:
emerald themes manager
beryl settings manager

i have had no joy and still am getting static screens..... no bouncy stuff here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adamk75 04-10-07 10:15 AM

Re: compiz/beryl/nvidia 7655 no work?!?!
There is no 7655 driver (at least not that I can find here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_archive.html ).


netllama 04-10-07 10:52 AM

Re: compiz/beryl/nvidia 7655 no work?!?!
Furthermore, you need to be using the 1.0-9631 or 1.0-9755 (depending on your GPU) for compiz/beryl support.

stevieag 04-11-07 04:32 AM

Re: compiz/beryl/nvidia 7655 no work?!?!
my mistake 9755 is what im using!!!!

7655? where i got that number from i dont know.... sorry


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