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DRen72 04-10-07 11:15 AM

ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)
What about this TEC solution to cool CPU's?
I'm looking to cool a quad core soon.


Xion X2 04-10-07 11:32 AM

Re: ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)
I would go with a dedicated water solution. They're much more effective on an overclocked Quad than an air-cooled TEC is.


DRen72 04-10-07 09:07 PM

Re: ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)
Thanks guys. I'm a fast learner. This will be the first H20 cooled unit I build.

OrangeBlast 04-10-07 09:25 PM

Re: ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)
I'm currently using this right now: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/55...tl=g30c105s520

and a thermochill PA120.3 radiator..

At stock E6600 voltages I get -20c idle temps.

Swiftech FTW!

jAkUp 04-10-07 11:07 PM

Re: ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)
Air cooled TEC's don't work that well

OrangeBlast 04-10-07 11:55 PM

Re: ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)

Originally Posted by jAkUp
Air cooled TEC's don't work that well

agreed. I traveled down that path a few years back. Was a horribly, LOUD (delta fan), mess!

Very inefficient.

DRen72 04-11-07 09:02 AM

Re: ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)
This is the one OrangeBlast pointed me toward...
http://www.frozencpu.com/images/prod...ex-blc-348.jpgSwiftech MCW6500-T-775 Thermoelectric CPU Liquid Cooling Block (Socket 775)

This looks terrific. Now, if I paired this with a single 120mm radiator inside that case how do you think that would handle the Quad core? The water cooled TEC would offset for the 120mm radiator size rather than go with a huge 120.2 setup that I could not fit in the case.

However, I'm unsure about the power supply requirements of this beast. Specs read that it needs a 1000 watt PSU.

Again, thanks guys for the feedback and tips. I'll probably build this rig in 4-8 weeks.

Xion X2 04-11-07 09:34 AM

Re: ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)
You know the safeguarding process you have to go through with that TEC block, right? Prepping the mobo for condensation and such?

Just making sure you know. This is a bit advanced for a first-time watercooler, and it's also more risky than a standard waterblock.

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