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alewismclean 04-12-07 12:51 PM

FX 5500 256MB Problem
Hi there, I just bought this card yesterday, as I needed an upgrade to play a couple of games. Installed the drivers etc, clicked to play the games...none will work, where as on the old graphics card the older games would play no problem but none seem to play on this new card at all, the screen goes black...and I imagine the PC is frozen, cant do a thing, can anyone help me with this?

Thanks, alewismclean

ONER 04-12-07 01:12 PM

Re: FX 5500 256MB Problem
Providing your systems spec would help out to narrow down your problem.

First off, did you get the correct kind of card (PCI, AGP, PCIex)? Did you uninstall any previous drivers for your old card? Did you have on board video before, that you forgot to disable it in your BIOS?


alewismclean 04-12-07 01:49 PM

Re: FX 5500 256MB Problem
Yes I got the right card (AGP) and uninstalled old drivers, but not too sure about the on board video. Specs are;

CPU: AMD Athlon 797MHz
MOBO: Biostar M7VKB
RAM: 768MB
Graphics: Geforce FX 5500 AGP 256MB

ONER 04-12-07 02:06 PM

Re: FX 5500 256MB Problem
Yeah, definitely try to disable the on board video on that Biostar motherboard. If that doesn't work try using driver cleaner and clear out the Nvidia drivers and reinstall.

alewismclean 04-12-07 02:21 PM

Re: FX 5500 256MB Problem
Thanks! But, erm...How do I go about doing that? Device Manager? What am I looking for etc?

ONER 04-12-07 02:45 PM

Re: FX 5500 256MB Problem
To get into your motherboard Bios, you have to press a certain key in your keyboard and it will let you into the BIOS. On most boards it's; F1, Del, or F11. I'm not sure on your motherboard tho. It should tell you on the bottom when you restart computer. As for Driver cleaner, you can download that if you have to. Just do a google search it will come up. Good luck!

alewismclean 04-12-07 02:56 PM

Re: FX 5500 256MB Problem
Thanks for the help i'll give the bios a try, the driver seems to be fine!

alewismclean 04-12-07 03:09 PM

Re: FX 5500 256MB Problem
Still no idea with the bios too confusing, would it be under any certain name/s ?

alewismclean 04-15-07 04:22 PM

Re: FX 5500 256MB Problem
Guess Not?

Dubious Dave 04-25-07 07:14 AM

Re: FX 5500 256MB Problem
Where are you stuck? Did you get into bios? Did you find a video enabling selection in bios?

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