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HaVoK19 04-12-07 04:01 PM

lookin for some suggestions
ok, so with the rumors and such flyin around about intel droppin prices here soon. Id like to go with like an e6600 or somewhere in there. the thing im stuck on are mobo's. Ive read that its kinda hit and miss with the 680 chipset. id rather have something i can have a little more confidence in working right the first time. and then with ram. i still run cheap generic ddr400, so im not up on whats good or bad or anyhting like that, but id like 2 gigs. any help on a good mobo and set of ram would be great.


edit: also, could yall point me in the direction of a good aftermarket cpu cooler. i hear like zalman and such....but dont know specific numbers and like different models.

Bearclaw 04-12-07 04:11 PM

Re: lookin for some suggestions
The salman 9700 is an really good CPU cooler.

methimpikehoses 04-12-07 04:18 PM

Re: lookin for some suggestions
For the Core 2's you'll need to upgrade your DDR to DDR2. RAM is cheaper now than it's been for a year now, so that's good news.

In terms of mobos it depends on if you want an OC, SLI, and what vid card you are matching up to it.

I'm pretty happy with my 965 chipset P5B-E, but it has it's issues and there's only one PCI-E slot.

It sounds like the 650i's might be a more stable alternative to 680i's, but you'll hear different things from different people. It's probably safe to say that you'll have to update the BIOS on almost any mobo you get.

HaVoK19 04-12-07 04:30 PM

Re: lookin for some suggestions
yeh....i planed on upgrading my ram, but havent paid much attention to how the technology has progress in the past year other than vid cards. I have an xfx8800gtx that i aquired through christmas(was my one and only present...they all banded together to get me it) but dont really plan on adding a second one yet. Right now, i run an amd 3800x2 oc'ed at 2.45(been stable for the past 6-7 months) 2gb corsair value select ram. um...an evga nforce4 chipset mobo, some assorted hard drives amounting up to 500gb. and my razer barracuda ac-1/hp-1 sound system you could call it. like i said.....im not tooo concerned with going sli yet, i would like some higher end ram....but nothing way too expensive. ive got around 500 bucks....and if i really wanted to i could prolly squeeze out 700....oh, and i run vista ultimate...if it makes any diff.


edit(damn i gotta think of everything before i finish a post) i do plan on oc'ing to somewhere over 3-3.2 ghz......and ive got an ocz 700watt gamestream(name could be wrong but its the ocz one)

SwedX 04-12-07 04:54 PM

Re: lookin for some suggestions
I have ordered Evga 680i and yes I know it may be trouble but heres hoping :)
Then som nice OCZ 2GB PC2 8500 / Thermaltake Toughpower 850W PSU / Tuning Tower 120 Ultra Silent CPU cooler / Sammy SP T166 400GB HDD!

Will get a e6600 or so when the price drops who should be the 22 April and a Silverstone TJ05 case and not to forget a nice shiny new 8800GTX :D

Will be a nice upgrade from my old 6800GT/ XP 2500@3200 Barton so I finaly can play the latest games who now are becoming a whole lot!

methimpikehoses 04-12-07 04:55 PM

Re: lookin for some suggestions
Well all signs point to a price drop on the Conroes in 2 weeks or so, and you'll see a BIG difference from your AMD X2 + 8800GTX combo.

Rytr 04-12-07 04:58 PM

Re: lookin for some suggestions
We have an upcoming review on a 650i that covers the use of the E6600's 1333MHz capability along with the chipset's 1333MHz capability. This is an easy way to get a solid 3GHz while using ram capable of maintaining 800MHz frequency. A good starting point for the gamer at less expense.

Dazz 04-12-07 05:08 PM

Re: lookin for some suggestions
Personly i would say yes avoid the 680i. The main problems of the chipset is heat. They are by far the hottest thing in the PC at present and this is where people get stability issues. Myself included, more so if you overclock. Going from a Vcore of 1.57v to 1.66v increases the power regulars by 25C!!!! Making them hit 101C!!!

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