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ALobpreis 08-19-02 12:31 AM

FrontPage and Shared Borders
Is there a way to set a background image for a shared border?
The only way I could was by making a table, 1x1 in my case, and setting a background image for it.
But the problem is that the pages have different lenght, and the shared border is the same for them all.
So I should edit file per file modifying the table height, but that's too hard, and if I modify anything, I have to redo all this again!

Another thing: how to make a midi to play constantly while browsing the pages? The only way is by making a frame and putting there the midi? Or can I somehow with shared borders?

de><ta 08-19-02 09:25 AM

using plain html??

or are u going to use css?

can u give me an example of what u mean? I usually edit my own shared borders etc.

ALobpreis 08-20-02 01:28 PM

It seems I should use a frame to do that...
I've been told to use iframes, I'll check that out.

I'm using Front Page 2000.

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