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Gezza 04-15-07 06:14 PM

Asus A8V & SATA2 Drives - I'm confused.

A8V Deluxe motherboard
SATA2 Seagate Barracuda 320GB HDD


I currently have 2 IDE HDD already in the machine. These I wish to retain and one of them set as the primary/boot device on XP Pro. I wish to add the SATA drive (a single drive) purely as a data drive.

OK. So my research indicates that this motherboard is not SATA2 compatible but is SATA1. The drive is SATA2. I've read that I can jumper the throughput to 1.5Gb/s and this should work. No problem there. The confusion comes in when I go into the BIOS.

The A8V motherboard has 4 SATA connectors. 2 x SATA and 2 x SATA RAID.
No to achieve the above scenario, which connectors do I use on the motherboard?

Then, in the BIOS, there are two SATA settings (3 actually, but one is a subsetting)
- OnChip SATA boot ROM
- OnBoard Promise Controller
>Operating Mode [RAID Mode/IDE Mode]

Enabling either or both of these with/withou IDE/RAID and trying different physical connectors on the Motherboard doesn't seem to detect the drive at all. I'm not sure if I have missed a configuration or not performed something to get it to work. As I only have one SATA drive I can't even tell if the drive itself is the problem.

Can anyone please tell me the BIOS settings, the process (i.e. connect drive, reset BIOS etc) and connectors I should be using. It takes so long when the drive isn't detected I haven't been able to find a solution.

einstein_314 04-15-07 06:41 PM

Re: Asus A8V & SATA2 Drives - I'm confused.
Ok here's what you should do (I had an A8V deluxe a couple of years ago...). The sata drive should be attached to one of the Sata ports (NOT sata RAID). Then in the bios set operating mode to IDE mode. And OnChip SATA boot ROM should be disabled.

Try using the Seagate drive without the jumper. I know you're supposed to use it to put it into SATA I mode....but I know that you can attach any old SATA II drive to a SATA I port and it will work fine. Just not at SATA II speeds. It's worth a shot anyways.

So yeah, I'd make the changes in the bios, shut down the computer, attach drive, restart computer, go into bios to verify it is detected. It should work fine.

Gezza 04-16-07 08:06 AM

Re: Asus A8V & SATA2 Drives - I'm confused.
I've tried thwe above with another SATA drive...it detects. So I guess my brand new drive is stuffed. Which brings me to my next question.....where the hell do I get the XP (32bit) Promise SATA 378 TX2plus drivers? No-one seems to have them anymore including Promise.

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