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Tyr-Sog 04-16-07 09:46 AM

Dark Theme NVNEWS?
I was just curious if one was in the works?

Sazar 04-16-07 08:53 PM

Re: Dark Theme NVNEWS?
1 Attachment(s)
Use this if you use Firefox.


You can use a global style and change the site's appearance.

For example, check attachment.

Tyr-Sog 05-05-07 08:10 AM

Re: Dark Theme NVNEWS?
Thanks for the suggestion. Downloaded firefox and tooled around with it. Found a black background with blue writing global style that looks decent. Works great for at night when my room is dark. White backgrounds just burn my eyeballs to much when my room is dark.

SLippe 05-25-07 09:54 PM

Re: Dark Theme NVNEWS?
@ Sazar

Man, that looks great. I'll have to check that out.

Sazar 05-25-07 10:39 PM

Re: Dark Theme NVNEWS?
Yah, stylish is the first add-on I make to firefox when I do a fresh install of the os :)

Pity bout the crappy memory usage and speed of the browser, but the extensions rock.

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