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DRen72 04-16-07 03:25 PM

XQ6700 Overclocking on Air?
I'd heavily leaning toward the QX6700 for my next upgrade. I'm still trying to decide on the motherboard also, but also I'm still in debate over the cooling. I can tell you this...I do not intend to overclock beyond 3.4GHZ and will likely leave it at 3.2GHz.

Do any of the air coolers current or coming soon work well enough to keep the thing stable and cool at those temps? I'm not sure I want to do water cooling because the next Intel chips may run a lot cooler.

Xion X2 04-16-07 03:55 PM

Re: XQ6700 Overclocking on Air?
A Tuniq Tower will keep things reasonable. I've also heard good things about the Thermalright Ultra.

Dazz 04-16-07 03:57 PM

Re: XQ6700 Overclocking on Air?
I replaced my Thermaright Ultra 120 with a Coolermaster Genni 2 with 2x 120mm keeps my overclocked E4300 @ 3.4GHz @ 31C idle and 47C underload and this is with 1.66v going through it.

Xion X2 04-16-07 04:07 PM

Re: XQ6700 Overclocking on Air?
^ Sounds good. You may want to stick with that, then.

DRen72 04-16-07 06:12 PM

Re: XQ6700 Overclocking on Air?
I've got my eyes on the Thermalright 120 Extreme and the IFX-14 also from Thermaltake. From the looks of things, these two should work out well. Both should be out any day now I think.

SwedX 04-21-07 06:14 AM

Re: XQ6700 Overclocking on Air?
TT 120 is the absolute best what I have read.
I have one myself and man is this thing HUGE!

Just my 6600 thats missing but next week I should have it!

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