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r27182818 04-21-07 11:54 PM

CRT whistles with GeForce MX 4000
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Hi folks,

I have dual monitors. One is a 1280x1024 flat panel, and the other is a 1024x768 CRT. Until this morning, I did not realize that I could drive both from my nVidia card. After setting up TwinView, everything works great except for one thing: the CRT sometimes emits a high-pitched whistle/squeal. It is very annoying, and it gets worse when large white areas are displayed. Power-cycling the CRT or smacking it sometimes make the squeal go away temporarily.

This same problem occurred when the CRT was attached to the other video card (an ATI), and I solved it by placing the following modeline in the Monitor section for the CRT:

Modeline "1024x768" 88.50 1024 1088 1200 1376 768 769 772 804 -HSync +Vsync

Now that I only have one Monitor section, I've place the above modeline in there, but the problem persists.

I am using driver version 8776.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. Please let me know what additional information would be helpful. My xorg.conf is attached.



LycosV 04-22-07 12:56 AM

Re: CRT whistles with GeForce MX 4000
I've had my CRT monitors whine before, change the refresh rate to something else, that generally fixes it (or at least changes the pitch of the whining sound to something outside the audible range).

r27182818 04-22-07 12:36 PM

Re: CRT whistles with GeForce MX 4000
Yeah, that's what I figured. I assume that's what the modeline did. But how can I change the refresh rate?



r27182818 04-22-07 02:58 PM

Ignoring EDID on one TwinView display but not the other
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Further investigation reveals that I was actually overdriving the CRT slightly, and the nvidia driver was rejecting the custom modeline for this reason (because the PixelClock was exceeded).

The whistling happens at 75Hz. I can drive the monitor at 70Hz fine but then I can see the flicker.

'Option "UseEDID" "False" made the CRT work but hosed up the flat panel. It seems what I need to do is ignore EDID on the CRT but not the flat panel. Can this be done?

xorg.conf which was closest to working is attached.

For now I'm back to plain Xinerama with the CRT hanging off the ATI card, which is OK, but it's an old card so 3D and videos don't work on that screen (and in fact running 3D apps there causes a hard lockup).



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