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Sazar 04-22-07 02:05 AM

High def TV Tuner - Vista
Anyone here running a high-def TV Tuner under vista?

I just want to get a feel for performance/IQ and all that jazz.

Currently looking at hauppauge products and that's about it. Not a huge fan of their UI given how shyte it looked even under XP, but apparently they have a redesign that looks more vista-esque.

But the question is, how do your products perform under Vista's media center?

That's my primary concern.

Cheers :)

OWA 04-22-07 11:32 AM

Re: High def TV Tuner - Vista
I'm using the ATI HDTV Wonder but I don't think it's officially supported under Vista since I have to use a 3rd party install procedure (and drivers) for it to work. It seems to work pretty well though. The media center in Vista seems pretty stable and performs good. It seems to do everything I want.

Sazar 04-22-07 01:45 PM

Re: High def TV Tuner - Vista
Hmm. Might have to give it a go.

Would like to see some info on the Hauppauge products too though.

OWA 04-22-07 02:07 PM

Re: High def TV Tuner - Vista
Don't take my comment as a recommendation for the HDTV Wonder though. I was just saying that it seems to perform well in Vista, seems stable and the media center that came with Vista Ultimate has pretty much everything thing I need.

As far as the HDTV Wonder, it's kind of a pain that's it's not officially supported and maybe a little risky to have to count on a 3rd party procedure but on the otherhand, the procedure works and so far everything has been great. :)

Also, while I think the recorded hi-def material looks good on the computer, using the media center to burn a DVD that will play in any standalone DVD player seemed to reduce the quality more than I expected. I haven't played with it much to see if I can force a higher quality though. Another thing I was wondering was if I had a blu-ray or HD DVD burner, if I'd be able to burn hi-def programs without any loss in quality or if some copy protection feature would keep that from working.

Ancient 04-22-07 04:20 PM

Re: High def TV Tuner - Vista
I'm using the HVR-1600 and it works great under Vista Media Center, at least in 32-bit. I haven't tried it in 64-bit Vista yet. I'm also using the XB360 as a media center extender with it. OTA HD looks great. I'm also picking up analog cable with it. Straight from the computer to the HD TV in the living room the analog cable signal doesn't look all that good. However, through the XB360 to the HD TV in the bedroom the analog stations look great. I don't understand why there's such a difference but maybe the XB360 is doing some post-processing on it to clean it up.

The Hauppage program (WinTV) is horrid, horrid, horrid though. Don't bother with it. Use Media Center.

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