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MukiEX 04-22-07 10:24 AM

GeForce 7600GT vs 8500 - Desktop Performance?
I got a buddy who's got the following requirements for a vid card :
- Sub $140, the lower the better
- Minimal Noise

He's between a 7600GT and an 8500, the latter of which looks nicer due to a fanless card he found. With that, a few questions :

- How do they compare, game-wise? (not all that important, actually)
- How do they compare under Beryl/Compiz? (I figure the naturally pixel-shader-oriented nature of a desktop compositer would give universal shaders the edge here)
- How does the 7600 (GS or GT) compare to the 8500 in heat generation and power supply requirements?

I thank you in advance for any advice provided. =3

kloroformd 04-22-07 06:43 PM

Re: GeForce 7600GT vs 8500 - Desktop Performance?
A 7600GT or 8500 will have no problems running Beryl, though I'm not sure if current drivers support the 8500. Actually, much older cards have no problems with Beryl performance either. I'm going with a 7600GT for my PC because of the lack of benchmarks on the 8500.

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