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scotty2hott2k 04-22-07 03:14 PM

compiz performance.
first off, im sorry if this has been talked about many times before, i did a quick search but couldn't find a definitive answer to my question.

Currently (im using ubuntu and 9755) when using compiz if the cpu is put under any strain (ie firefox is rendering a page) then the gui freezes, now ive read about the gl_yield so called 'fix'.

from what ive gathered this is an nvidia bug/problem? If so, a) does the new 100x beta driver fix this 'issue', if not has there been any mention on when/if it might get fixed?

again, sorry if it has been done to death but like i said i did try and find an answer but couldn't.

thanks in advanced,


okasion 04-22-07 06:31 PM

Re: compiz performance.
Sorry, chances are youre not getting any answer, recently NVIDIA seems to only care about releasing new cards, even when their drivers dont work well.
This has been a problem since Compiz came out, and still NVIDIA are not doing anything, all those engineers, what is so difficult about this that you cant fix it?
direct-rendering its slow, __GL_YIELD with indirect-rendering doesnt work, so we are stuck with this problem.

PS: And im not even mentioning the VTERM switch bug.

I support NVIDIA, buying their cards and using their software, because they have better support for linux AND UNIX/BSD than ATI, but really guys, YOU KNOW that this bug has been since almost a year, and its a creppy bug that would make the difference between using NVIDIA on linux or not.
A response would be very appreciated, but im sure you guys will ask us to make a "formal" request, even when you know perfectly what are we talking about.

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