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zombu2 04-23-07 01:43 PM

7950 quad monitors with 3d accel

i got 2 7950 x2 nvidia cards

got a small prob with enabeling 3d accel while using 4 monitors
the thing is the cards show up as vesa framebuffer graphics
i already installed the nvidia drivers and i see the nvidia logo while x is starting up

anybody any ideas??

system suse 10.2
amd fx 60
2048 ram
A8N32SLI deluxe


AaronP 04-23-07 02:31 PM

Re: 7950 quad monitors with 3d accel

zombu2 04-23-07 03:19 PM

Re: 7950 quad monitors with 3d accel
thnx a lot for the fast answer why do i even bother with nvidia spend a sh..load on video cards with crap drivers

lemme ask you this do you want to give me the money back i spend on those POS

i don t care if you are from nvidia or the pope
i don t even know how to get to the logs nor do i care if i install a driver i expect it to work and not getting the runaround why do you guys have a tech support when i get send to the forums when there is no info on my cards anyways

i am very disapointed in nvidia since the last couple month actually and as much as i hate ATI cards i have to say they actually give you some support even a phone number to call

so guess where i am going

so thnx a lot for nothing and since you at it remove my account

AaronP 04-23-07 03:43 PM

Re: 7950 quad monitors with 3d accel
There's no need for hostility. We can't help you without a bug report log. Does nvidia-bug-report.sh not work for you?

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