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iber 04-24-07 03:48 PM

number format missmatch in .nvidia-settings-rc
numbers in $HOME/.nvidia-settings-rc of a user account are stored with '.' ( dot ) as decimal point:

this results in an Error parsing configuration file ... '0/RedBrightness=0.000000' (Trailing garbage).

in root's .nvidia-settings-rc they are stored with ',' (comma) as decimal point.

the two accounts has the same locale settings


the files are generated in both cases with nvidia-settings.

nividia driver 1.0-9755
open suse 10.2, x86-64 dual core


zander 04-24-07 05:15 PM

Re: number format missmatch in .nvidia-settings-rc
Please see http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show....php?p=1204883.

iber 04-24-07 05:36 PM

Re: number format missmatch in .nvidia-settings-rc
nice to be not allone with non working saved settings.
aspecialy in front of a big audience, when connecting a notebook to a beamer.

at least i this situation i can speak about the reason to
use a "locale C" for mission critical persistent data or why using non localized system functions.

if this problem is known, why it is not solved?

give me the source code, i solve it for you.

best regards

zander 04-24-07 05:39 PM

Re: number format missmatch in .nvidia-settings-rc
An updated binary was attached to the above thread; the `nvidia-settings` source code is available from ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/nvidia-settings.

iber 04-24-07 07:08 PM

Re: number format missmatch in .nvidia-settings-rc
thx, this is a nice solution.

but which of the tar's is the latest one?

nvidia-settings-1.0.tar.gz is from 04.04.2007 but the contents from 2006-12-15.

the version numbering has not the order as expected from file dates.


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