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chrroessner 04-25-07 06:29 AM

Xorg freeze on Ubuntu 7.04 with 6800GT
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I am totally frustrated. If I use the latest stable nvidia driver on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, I can log into a normal user session. But after about 1-10 minutes, I recognize that my keyboard does not work anymore and some time later the whole server is freezing. I logged into that machine via ssh and created the attached bug report.

I do not know, if my graphics board might have been damaged, when I recently cleaned it carefully. At the other hand, after getting the X-server freeze, I rebooted into Windows XP and played Doom3 in Ultra quality for several hours without having any problems. So the question is: Can a graphics board have hardware problems, which are recognized under Linux but not under Windows?

Is there some diagnostic tool under Linux/Windows, where I can do a full check of the hardware?

Kind regards

netllama 04-25-07 01:13 PM

Re: Xorg freeze on Ubuntu 7.04 with 6800GT
I have a few questions:
0) Does this problem persist with the 100.14.03 beta driver?
1) Does this problem persist if you're not using the Composite extension in X?
2) Have you verified that you're using the most recent motherboard BIOS?
3) Does this problem persist if you set NvAGP to 0 in xorg.conf ?


chrroessner 04-25-07 03:58 PM

Re: Xorg freeze on Ubuntu 7.04 with 6800GT
I have downloaded the beta driver, but did not try yet.

I skipped this point, because I thought it might be NVAGP

Yes I use the most recent BIOS. There is a beta version, but I did not want to use beta BIOS

This seems to run relatively stable. At of writing this line on my notebook, my affected machine is running glxgears for about 15 minutes now on a compiz-enabled dektop. So this looks quiet stable.

I now will try the beta driver (with and without NvAGP 0)

I come back

Thanks so far


chrroessner 04-25-07 05:38 PM

Re: Xorg freeze on Ubuntu 7.04 with 6800GT

I now tested the beta drivers. The result is clear now: At the moment I turn on agp, the machine freezes.

With NvAGP=0 and only agpgart loaded, everything seems to be okay. Only the framerate is about 3300FPS instead of 5000FPS with glxgears and using compiz (YES I KNOW, GLXGEARS IS NOT A BENCHMARK APP)

Do you have any ideas, why agp is doing so bad here? Some hardware damage? But why not under Windows XP? Again my question: Is there some hardware diagnostic tool?

Kind regards

netllama 04-25-07 05:43 PM

Re: Xorg freeze on Ubuntu 7.04 with 6800GT
If disabling AGP eliminates the problem then this is either an AGP driver bug, or a hardware problem. You could try testing NvAGP with other values to see if they work, as well as testing with a lower AGP rate.

I couldn't speculate on why this works in Windows. Its possible that they worked around the problem in the Windows AGP driver, or it could just be an AGP driver bug in Linux.

Regardless, this doesn't sound like an nvidia driver bug.

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