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jbirney 08-19-02 08:10 AM

R9700 Reviews
I only had a chance to read B3Ds (might as well start with the best). I am happy to see that they have fixed all AF issues (Supports Tri as well as no more 45 degree angle), have a decent MSAA that uses rotated grid or a varient of it and for them they did not seem to have any drive issues. B3D based their reveiw against an 8500 and its double the scores most of the time. The R9700 is a nice pice of work from ATI. Congrads to them for getting their act together... What did you all think?

mavis 08-19-02 08:15 AM



Megatron 08-19-02 09:29 AM

Ahhh its going to be a nice day of reading. Just finished Toms review, gonna check Anands now too.

Jandar 08-19-02 10:42 AM

Be sure to check out this thread over at b3d.


-=DVS=- 08-19-02 01:01 PM

Well i am pretty satisfyd with Radeon 9700 performance clearly superrior card compared to current tech :D :cool:

Matthyahuw 08-19-02 01:42 PM

Check out www.envynews.com, we have most of the links (at least that are in English that is...

netviper13 08-19-02 10:37 PM

Sounds like it should be a very nice card.

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