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easyrider 04-28-07 09:39 PM

BFG 7800GS OC won't overclock with riva tuner
For some reason I can't seem to overclock with rivatuner and this card.
I am currently useing the 93.81 drivers, Rivatuner 2.0, my default clock for thisc ard is 400core, and 1250 mem.
I have overclocked with nvidia overclocker (when it was working correctly, but is currently broke in drivers) and have clocked it from 400/1250 to 470/1500 and was stable. Maybe it was reading it wrong I don't know, but I do know I got a nice speed boost and every game and program I tried was stable and enver gave me an issue of any kind, my idle temp was 52-54, and load was 65-68, so temps were good as well.
Since nvidia driver coolbits overclock isn't working right, I decided to give rivatuner a try, but when I overclock even 1mhz core and/or mem, I get the following message:
"the driver failed to pass internal test with the clock frequencies you are about to set. Please decrease clock frequencies and try again"

Anyone have any ideas what's going on?
Yes I do know it is pre-overclocked, hence the OC in the card name, but as I said, I have overclocked it before and had no issues.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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