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phreak9i6 05-01-07 04:35 PM

xorg x64 GLX/libGL repair script.
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A few coworkers and I received new Ultra40 machines last week. I had major issues with my original image, so I installed from Sun's 11/06 x64/x86 dvd. After much searching here and some other internet places I have finally got xorg running smooth with GLX/nvidia's latest driver and dual head (with no colormap issues!)

Anyhow, I wrote a quick script/installer thing and included my conf files. Feel free to take a look, make changes, criticize me, etc. I love giving back so I figured this could help someone like me. I've used it successfully on a few other Ultra40s here, but YMMV.

I'm using this nvidia driver: NVIDIA-Solaris-x86-100.14.03.run, if you want to use a different one you will need to modify the script's varible nv_driver

Basicly the following happens:

-copies over xorg.conf file, either single or dual head config. (you pick!)
-asks to install nvidia driver (if needed)
-symlinks gl/glx libs to proper place

I intentionally did not include the nvidia driver.


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