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kerochi 05-04-07 10:33 PM

Help needed to OC PC2-8500 RAM
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Im kinda new to OC and was wondering if something can help me config BIOS settings to get my RAM up to its rated FSB, 1066Mhz.

Im running on
Abit IN9-MAX
2Gb PC2-8500 Corsair

At the mo I can only get up to around 450Mhz for each stick.
Is there a way for me to get to around 533Mhz?
I set the FSB:DRAM ratio in BIOS to 4:5, but it changes to 5:8 everytime I get into OS and check the specs in cpu-z.

buffbiff21 05-04-07 10:39 PM

Re: Help needed to OC PC2-8500 RAM
I hate to break it to you, but unless you plan on running 533 FSB, you basically wasted your money. (and, yes, I wasted my money too ;) )

You don't just "OC" the memory. You raise it along with the CPU when you raise the front side bus.

You've got to run RAM exactly twice your FSB.

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