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DMx 05-05-07 02:51 AM

Maximum Voltage
Okay, I know my 4400+ is getting ahead in time so I want to make this baby cry. I currently have it 100% stable with the following settings

I have read that a maximum voltage of 1.65v has been achieved on watercooling, but I bet this Zalman can show watercooling a thing or two about cooling ;).

What do you recommend my maximum voltage limit should be? I don't really want to fry this chip just yet (I do have to wait for my next wages so I can get C2D ;)).

Thanks a lot people.

DMx 05-05-07 01:46 PM

Re: Maximum Voltage
Come-on people, SOMEONE has to have SOME idea!

DMx 05-05-07 08:26 PM

Re: Maximum Voltage
Please people, I want to make this processor BLEED. There has to be someone with some idea of it's max before frying. It was stock at 1.35v. Although I'm unsure wether it is the 89W or the 110W model.

ATOJAR 05-06-07 12:47 AM

Re: Maximum Voltage
I dont think anybody would like to give you a max voltage for you cpu, im sure nobody wants to be responsible for frying your chip! .... most people would say dont run it past 1.45v but ive heard of people pushing theres up to 1.7v ... as long is it dont go past 55c idle you should be ok! .... personally i prefere to undervolt mine, i have my conroe overclocked(see sig)and have actually downed the voltage! mines at 1.2750v.

jAkUp 05-06-07 12:59 AM

Re: Maximum Voltage
I used to run 1.65v to my 4400+, just watch those temps :)

Dazz 05-06-07 01:21 PM

Re: Maximum Voltage
Well they say that you should not run more then 0.3v over defualt for long term use with air cooling. But then again i run my E4300 @ 1.66v, however my Thermaright Ultra 120 and coolermaster Gimi II cools about as good as average watercooling so, and i have no side effects except a little stability which is due to the motherboard getting very hot when you increase the vcore voltage. Keep an eye on your PWR temps also so have toned down the clock speed slightly as well as the voltage.

einstein_314 05-09-07 02:38 AM

Re: Maximum Voltage
I think that as long as you keep it under 1.65V you should be ok. That's what I ran my Opty 175 at. Anything over that and you risk damaging it.

john19055 05-09-07 05:10 PM

Re: Maximum Voltage
Heat will always be your problem when uping the voltage on the CPU,I never liked running my 4400+ above 1.55v,with 1.55v I could get 2.75gigs out of it .But if you don't care if you fry it and just want to see what you can get out of it then just turn it up as high as it will go and be stable .When I hit 2.75gig at 1.55v ,I hit a wall because it did'nt manner if I raised my voltage to 1.65v ,it just would do 2.8gigs stable.Just make sure you have a good cooler and watch your tempertures.

walterman 05-09-07 05:58 PM

Re: Maximum Voltage
Take care, temp grows very fast with the voltage increments. Try to keep it under 50șC at max load on both cores.

DMx 05-09-07 06:33 PM

Re: Maximum Voltage
Well, I turned it up to 1.625v (which is bollox as it was my motherboard's maximum).

I tried turning up the multiplier to 10.5x but I can't get the thing to run faster than 2.6GHz without crashing... I had it at 38C at 1.625v...

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