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-=DVS=- 03-24-03 01:02 PM

3dMark2k3 Comparision and Digitalwanderer
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Lol that was funny , this is what Digitalwanderer posted &..


By Digitalwanderer
I HATE 3dm2k3!!!!!
Nothing against FutureMark, and I don't really feel it's a biased test and I do feel it fairly measures some things very well....I just HATE how it makes all my rigs feel like antique junkers!!!! :(
It happened with 3dm2k, and also again when 3dm2k1 came out...the damn things just show of all the weaknesses of my systems in a way that games won't for a couple of years yet! :rolleyes:
Anyone else remember how exciting it was when the damned dragon carousel finally started looking smooth? Or heck, when I could finally see Nature RUN for the first time!
Now this. :rolleyes:
Whenever a new onion test comes out, it just gets me upgrade blood boiling. It's dumb, it's wrong; but by the Gods and all I hold to be holy and true IT IS!
Am I the only one?

This is funny part :lol:


Digitalwanderer.. this is a warning...
step away from the the coffee machine slowly...
we repeat...
step away from the coffee machine slowly and no one will get hurt... put the coffee cup down!!

digitalwanderer 03-24-03 01:18 PM

Me agrees!
Yeah, JC's post cracked me up pretty hard too.....he pwned me, but it was worth it for the belly laugh. :)

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