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superklye 05-09-07 09:02 AM

Toshiba makes HD DVD firmware ISOs available
I saw this over on AVS this morning. Just in case anyone hadn't been able to get the latest updates or was waiting for an ISO to become available, Toshiba Canada has all of the firmware updates in ISO format ready for download.

I got the 1.5 upgrade and took my A2 from 1.0 to 1.5 in about 15 minutes this morning with no problems at all. I could never get the ethernet port to connect to the update server (which was a common problem 1.0 apparently) so now there is nothing to worry about. :D

Harnagel 05-09-07 06:20 PM

Re: Toshiba makes HD DVD firmware ISOs available
So I just jumped on the HD-DVD wagon two weeks ago and I'm loving it!!! I got the Toshiba XA2, even regular DVDs look phenomenal through this thing. Anyways, not sure if I have the latest firmware or not but thanks for posting this info, I'll be sure to check up on it.

superklye 05-09-07 07:07 PM

Re: Toshiba makes HD DVD firmware ISOs available
I would assume you have the factory 1.0 firmware, but I could be wrong. Just burn the ISO (only about 40MB) and pop it in...if you can update, it will ask if you want to and go for it.

If you've already got 1.5, then you've only wasted a CD-R and about 3 minutes of time. :D

And congrats! The XA2 is amazing. I definitely want to snag one of those eventually...probably after gen 3 comes out and they get below $400.

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