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Matthius 03-24-03 11:51 PM

VERY low 3dmark 2001SE score
okay, well its prolly not that low, but i think it is for what i have. i have:

256MB DDR 2100
Geforce4 mx440
jetway mobo
40gb hdd (not sure the rpm crap)
Windows XP Proffesional
ah, need ne thing else?

oh and my score was about 3500. im guessing its my ram mainly, then the vid card...am i right? (oh and the mobo)

ricercar 03-25-03 12:04 AM

3500 ain't bad for a GF4 MX.

If you haven't tried raising your FSB on the motherboard, you may wish to try going down that road. I found raising the FSB by 10 MHz gave more 3DMark inprovement than overclocking the NVCLK on the video card by 10 MHz

These numbers are for example only.
10x multiplier @ 133MHz FSB = 1.3 GHz CPU
9x mult @147 FSB = 1.3 GHz CPU
The second example give a higher 3DMark than the first example with the same video card.

Flipper 03-31-03 02:55 PM

you probably have one of those new crap mx440 with the 64 bit memory bus

Matthius 05-23-03 06:35 AM

HAHA!! i just got a whole new computer so BUGGER OFF! and now i get a score of about 8000-9000...im proud since i didn't pay for it. muahahaha

Geforce4ti4200 05-23-03 09:06 PM

your score still sucks and you are rude. I get 11k on an xp1700 so ha

ragejg 05-23-03 09:15 PM

yeh. matthius, that is a low score for your setup... real low... I got 10k back in August with an athlon 1.33 @ 142fsb and a ti4200 128mb runnin @ 303/560...

Matthius 05-24-03 11:43 PM

WHAT THE HELL?? why is my score low? can someone tell me were i can find a way to make it get a better score? and were those overklocked when u got those scores? cause this isn't. i just have all the defult stuff in it like the fans n heat sinks n stuff like that. sorry for bein rude, but its just a joke. don't get too exited. on my mobo's fsb, with the jumpers its on 166 or somethin like that. what will happen if i put it to 333? should i get a new fan?

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