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code_man65 05-13-07 02:00 PM

SLI Mixed Memory
Hey Guys,
Easy question. On Windows I can make my two XFX 7300GTs (one 256MB one 512...due to not being purchased at the same time) run in SLI Mode with the coolbits 18 value in the registry. Is there anyway I can do the same in the xorg.conf file?

If its a no, anyone know if they plan to add that feature to the linux driver?

Thunderbird 05-14-07 02:14 AM

Re: SLI Mixed Memory
I'm not 100% sure but if I remember correctly when you would mix this in SLI you will only see the lowest amount of memory on both cards. Further the clockspeeds could be different as well, I'm not sure what the drivers do then.

I would say try it.

code_man65 05-14-07 06:16 AM

Re: SLI Mixed Memory
The clock speeds are the same, the only difference between the cards is the memory. The cards even have the same manufacture date by a strange coincidence. However, Option "coolbits" "18" does not do a thing.

code_man65 05-14-07 04:16 PM

Re: SLI Mixed Memory
So based on the lack of replies I'm going to assume that this feature is not on the Linux drivers yet. Anyone else care to chime in?

code_man65 05-21-07 09:33 AM

Re: SLI Mixed Memory
So I e-mailed NVidia about this and got an answer. Here it is.

Thanks for writing. This is currently not supported under Linux. The bug below has been opened to address this enhancement request.

317269 SLI on different memory sizes

zander 07-02-07 12:59 PM

Re: SLI Mixed Memory
As of 100.14.11, you can use the X driver's Coolbits option to enable SLI with mixed memory configurations; please see http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree8...ppendix-b.html for details.

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