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SOAD 05-15-07 01:31 PM

8800 GTX temps
Hello I was a bit concerned about the GTX's heat.

So I downloaded ATI tools and ran the cube doodah!

Temp went up after 2mins to 84 oc.

Is this an acceptable temp for these cards?

im not sure, so I bunged on rivatuner and manually set the fan speed to 100%

the temps are 71oc.

Also when I load up ati tool its making this wierd sort of noise.....:headexplode:

SOAD 05-15-07 01:31 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
Btw, this is @ stock ;)

576mhz core/ 1800mhz mem

DRen72 05-15-07 01:36 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
If your card only went up to 84 degrees running the ATi Tool, then thats not too bad. Mine used to go up to 90 degrees before I swapped out the stock heatsink for the Thermalright HR03 Plus.

agentkay 05-15-07 01:37 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
Actually its pretty normal for the stock heatsink. You can either re-apply the thermal gease (use AS5 on the core, and silicone based on the memory) because mine was applied far too thick from the factory or you can raise the fan speed in 3D mode with Rivatuner.

I personally bought the Thermalright HR03+ and Im enjoying now 48C idle, and 59C full load tempertures on stock clocks, or 53C idle and 68C at 665/1050. :p

schuey74 05-15-07 01:45 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
According to Nvidia it's fine, but I doubt most enthusiasts consider 84C fine. I too keep my fan @ 100% to maintain load temps ~72c.

I really can't stand my video card idling higher than my overclocked C2D under load so my waterblock will be here by the end of the week. My CPU temps went up a couple degress when I swapped out my GTS for a GTX. It's like having a furnace sitting just under my CPU. My GTS idled at ~43c and I've never seen the GTX idle below 56c. I had no need to add the GTS to my watercooling loop because the temps were reasonable, but GTX temps aren't.

SOAD 05-15-07 02:59 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
I am now on a laptop :(

I am shaking all over. I am crying. I am wishing I lived in America so I could shoot myself :(

Retard here decided to take the cooler of his nice shiny GTX and apply AS5.

Could it have been more of a disaster?????

1.Took all screws off.
2. Found the ******* thing wouldnt come off.
3. heated up and it fell of :thumbdwn:
4. Scraped away the pads and stuff.
5. tried to clean the memory etc with vodka.............:o spilled a capful over the card.
6. Really sh****ing myself I started to apply the AS5. Next second there was a noise like a gun. I live in rural ireland, in a rural part, yet at that exact moment a car went past my house and backfired :thumbdwn: :rolleyes:

F****ing muppet here sprayed the AS5 everywhere all over the card.

Muppet was crying bitterly as he reassmebled what is left of his card.

Muppet put the card in pc, hoped for the best, turned on, then realised he had forgotten to put the fan power in....After 10 seconds :o

Retard thought **** it.

SOAD 05-15-07 03:00 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
The question is..... should I turn it on again:headexplode:

SOAD 05-15-07 03:03 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
I also have taken pictures if anyone wants to gloat and mock.

I have never been this clumsy before......


agentkay 05-15-07 04:47 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
Sorry to hear that, but when you carefully clean it up you should be good to go. When I cleaned off the old thermal grease it smeared a lot but I took my time (half hour) cleaned it up and didnt make any problems at all.

SOAD 05-15-07 04:50 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
Decided to just turn it on.

I have the power(nana2)

It actually seems to be working.

Idle temps: 54oc
Load Temps 65oc.

Not bad. :D :cool:

Still dont know if it is going to blow up on me lol

now im going to try it at full fan....;)

agentkay 05-15-07 04:51 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
Congrats man! These stock coolers are a lot better with the proper amount of AS5 compared to how most come out of the factories. ;)

SOAD 05-15-07 04:57 PM

Re: 8800 GTX temps
tbh im just so relieved.

I was so scared I would break card and loose warrenty.

Still have lost warrenty but at least the card works :o :afro: :rolleyes: ;) :p

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