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aerocoolpc73 05-15-07 05:37 PM

Temp concern CPU/GPU OC
This is my first summer with higher end parts and was wondering if my temps sound good to any of you. It's 85 here right now.

Athlon 64 3700 @ 2508 max temp is 44C or 111.2F
DFI NF4 Chipset 47C or 116.6F
DFI PWM 52C or 125.6F
EVGA 8800 GTS Superclocked @ 612/2016 64C Idle
100% fan. Under gaming 8800 reaches 76C

WD Sata 320 38C or 100F
WD IDE 200 37C or 99F
WD IDE 320 29C or 84F

This was after 20 minutes of cpu burn in 100% cpu ultilization.

The machine is totally silent and practically inaudible. All case fans set to minimum fan speeds

During cooler weather all temps are much much lower of course just wondering if the summer heat 80+ affects anyone else's machines as it seems to be getting to mine.

Greasy 05-15-07 10:27 PM

Re: Temp concern CPU/GPU OC
those are all fine.

betterdan 05-15-07 10:57 PM

Re: Temp concern CPU/GPU OC
Don't worry my AMD system gets hotter than that.

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