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Jon 05-16-07 04:52 AM

Anyone overclocking a Gigabyte 965p DS3p in bios?
Hi, has anyone actually managed to overclock this board using the bios? Setting host clock to manual returns to auto everytime I reboot. Even if I select manual and choose all stock settings, it still reboots at auto. At the moment I am having to use EasyTune 5 to overclock it!

I also noticed that changing the pci-e lock to 100 also returns to auto on reboot. I've already flashed the latest bios and it makes no difference.

Coldfox 05-16-07 08:27 AM

Re: Anyone overclocking a Gigabyte 965p DS3p in bios?
Did u reset cmos after bios flash

Jon 05-16-07 09:50 AM

Re: Anyone overclocking a Gigabyte 965p DS3p in bios?
I reset everything, loaded defaults and made all my changes again and saved them.

According to gigabyte "tech support" it is a safety feature designed to protect from overclocking gone wrong.

But all I did was change host clock freq from disabled to enabled... then set it to 266 (which it should be anyway). I hadn't even started overclocking.


Edited: As a few people are having this problem, I thought I'd just update with what solved the problem for me.

There appears to be a bios bug which prevents you from even enabling overclocking when you have usb devices attached. I managed to get away with a usb keyboard and mouse. But any other usb devices cause it to reboot even at stock speeds. I am now using a PCI usb card at it works fine.

Also worth noting is it runs the memory at 1.85v regardless of brand. As mine requires 1.9-2.1v I had to up this to get it running stable, but this was not the cause of the rebooting for me.

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