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breathemetal 05-22-07 07:23 PM

NTune Question
So how good is the actual Ntune part?

You know, the 20 minute, 3 hour, etc thing.

Does it really work?
What exactly does it do?
Does it "Auto OC'? How recommended is it?

breathemetal 05-23-07 03:14 PM

Re: NTune Question
Can anyone help me?

spaceigg 05-23-07 04:05 PM

Re: NTune Question
i wonder the same thing... I've tried to the performance optimizer and it just locks up my computer...

breathemetal 05-23-07 04:48 PM

Re: NTune Question
Thats something to remember.

Reasons not to use Ntunes performance tuner:

1) May lock up the computer

j0j081 05-23-07 05:16 PM

Re: NTune Question
well it's meant to lockup the computer because it's stress testing. when it locks up it knows it went too high.

breathemetal 05-23-07 06:09 PM

Re: NTune Question
So it's safe then?

Is it better than manually overclocking?

breathemetal 05-23-07 09:50 PM

Re: NTune Question
Also, i need a good step by step guide on how to OC my e6600. Im a complete noob to this OCing stuff, and dont want to fry my cpu.

Logical 05-23-07 11:13 PM

Re: NTune Question
You might find this helpfull..........


breathemetal 05-24-07 12:52 PM

Re: NTune Question

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