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vert305 05-23-07 08:02 PM

Need Help with my temps!
I need help with my Temps: I am about to over clock my 4400 to around 2.6 2.7..


CPU looks to be alittle to warm to do this?

Where should my CPU Temp be before overclocking (I think if i created better airflow it could really bring the temps down) case inside is alittle sloppy I was lazy..

Also those to Temps at 127 What the hell is that all about?

breathemetal 05-23-07 09:00 PM

Re: Need Help with my temps!
I dont use Speedfan, but your temps do look a bit hot

My e6600 with the Zalman 9500 is running from 15 to 23c, it all depends what im doing.

But it has never gone above 25 i think.

I need to OC it though...blegh.

Wolfhound 05-23-07 09:03 PM

Re: Need Help with my temps!
You must check that your CPU temp doesnt surpass 50C at idle when overclock, it can reach 75C or more at 100% usage, my CPU temp stays at 35C at idle and doesnt surpass 55C at 100%, this is at 2600 10x260 1.4 VCore and 1.56 Voltage chipset at default speeds it stays at 27C idle 42C full load, the chipset doesnt surpass 42C, try to improve the airflow in the case use artic silver 5 in your CPU....

vert305 05-23-07 09:46 PM

Re: Need Help with my temps!

I really think its my laziness to tell you the truth I even have the heat sink facing the wrong way.. and never did anything about it..lol my wire management is very poor.. I just slapped the sh-it in and started playing .. its been fine for a year now but I will fix it up..

aslo side note.. vista keeps my computer working hard.. it really lags from XP (Vista Ult)

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