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agentkay 05-25-07 08:35 AM

Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
Im looking for a new (and bigger) screen and want to primarly use it with my PC preferable for both work (office, internet, Photoshop) and entertainment (games, HD content). Max. distance from the screen would be around 3-4ft for work, and 5-6ft for games.

Here are the some of my choices with my current favorite:

1. Dell 2707 / 27", 400cd/m, 1000:1, 6ms

2. Sharp LC37XD1E / 37", 450cd/m, 1200:1, 6ms http://www.sharp.co.uk/invt/lc37xd1e&bklist=

3. LG 42LF66 / 42" , 450cd/m, 5000:1 (dynamic), 8ms http://uk.lge.com/prodmodeldetail.do...&model=NOTHING

The Dell is the only "true" PC monitor and has the largest native resolution (1920x1200) and due to its size the lowest pixel-pitch. The HDTVs are both 1080p and all three cost around the same where I live.

Since its probably impossible to find the necessary close-distance PQ that I do need for work AND a bigger screen for entertainment all in one screen Im consindering an alternative and keep my old 17" LCD for work-duty and use a HDTV for entertaiment.

Thanks in advance and Im looking forward to your opinions and/or possible alternatives. :)

AthlonXP1800 05-25-07 08:43 AM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
Go get LG 42" HDTV :D

I am not sure if it have DVI port, if it dont then you will need DVI to HDMI cable for the PC. :)

agentkay 05-25-07 08:51 AM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
No the LG doesnt have a DVI port but I do have a HDMI/DVI cable already. :)

LG spec details:
2(480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p)- HDMI 1 Port PC Mode - 1080p : 24/30/50/60p

Im having problems finding the spec details of the Sharp HDTV. :(

Ancient 05-25-07 10:15 AM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
I looked at the specs of those two TVs. You can find the specs and manual on the Sharp set here:

http://www.sharp.co.uk/invt/lc37xd1e (product page)

http://www.tradenet.sharp.co.uk/tech...p.asp?ID=97623 (manual)

For the LG set:


imo, the LG set is the one you want. Not only because the screen is larger but because, unlike the Sharp, it does 1:1 pixel mapping via HDMI and that's very important so you can avoid having to adjust for overscan (which doesn't work very well in the NVIDIA drivers).

Just my 2 cents.

agentkay 05-25-07 11:14 AM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
Thanks for the info. Yes the Sharp isnt a good option anymore. I was in a store an hour ago and saw a Sony KDL-40X2000 connected to a HTPC (at 1080p) and the PQ was impressive, sharp, clear even at just 2ft (min. distance) and definitly good enough for work.


The only downside is the price which is around $2400. Im wondering if another manufacturer is using the same quality (or even better) panel at a lower price or if the Sony is best on the market regarding the size/specs. :confused:

Ancient 05-25-07 11:37 AM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
iirc, Sony and Samsung have their LCD panels made by the same manufacturer. I have no idea if Samsung products are sold where you are though.

It's a shame the Westinghouse LCDs aren't sold in the UK anymore.

agentkay 05-25-07 11:42 AM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
Yes, Samsung is sold here. Both the Samsung LE-40M86 and LE-40M87 are more than $600 cheaper than the Sony.


Ancient 05-25-07 12:26 PM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
Those Samsung models support 1:1 pixel mapping so you won't have to mess with overscan, which is a primary consideration for a TV connected to an HTPC. You'll probably want to check one out in person at a local store just to make sure the picture fits your eye. If it does that may be the TV for you.

agentkay 05-25-07 12:38 PM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
Thank you! Ill see if I can find them in a local store. :)

OWA 05-27-07 11:23 AM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
I was going to suggest that you buy it locally even if it's more expensive just so it'll be easier to return if it doesn't work out. Sounds like you're going to do that already.

agentkay 05-27-07 11:56 AM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
Next month new high end models from Sharp (XL1E) and Toshiba will be released so Ill probably wait for them but the Samsung should already be a pretty good choice. I agree, checking out the TVs locally is definitly important. :)

OWA 05-27-07 03:38 PM

Re: Which HDTV/screen connected to a PC?
Do you have specs on the new sets? Edit: Hmm, searching for it, I haven't found a link in english yet.

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