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cricket 03-27-03 05:46 PM

nice program for hard disk
here is a nice program that gives quit a few details about your cuurent hard drive..it is free to use and comes with agreat 'HELP SECTION" that describes what each thing is and means. try it out here: disk check up

cricket 03-31-03 11:39 AM

so...did anyone try it?..it will show you the "total amount of "hour's on" that your pc has been on for"....some of the other stuff in program is for "advanced user;s" but the help section does explain it quit a bit. my hard drive has been on total hour's for 1624"

sytaylor 03-31-03 01:20 PM

My main hard drive has been on for 8244 hours :p

VeritechK7 03-31-03 05:17 PM

does it see scsi disks?

Red Dog 04-13-03 09:20 AM

nice prg.

thanks cricket

ALobpreis 05-01-03 08:10 PM

Well, it simply reads SMART data, as Active Smart does. :) Also Speedfan reads some SMART data.

Thanks for the link! Extremely small program! :eek:

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