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maplebacon 03-27-03 08:04 PM

Debian 3.0r1 with nForce2 [Asus A7N8X Deluxe]
I am not able to build the networking and audio drivers for this AMD Athlon-based motherboard.

The error I receive complains about missing a header file:


Any step-by-step help would be much appreciated.

Also, is there any chance the README file for the Lindux drivers be updated for Debian - Woody? I image there will be a growing interest in Debian because of the popularity of Knoppix (www.knoppix.de).

ollelgn 03-28-03 05:57 AM

Check if the file exists "find / -name modversions.h" or if it's just an include-path problem. You should have a an 'modversions.h' in your kernel-source tree.

I had no problems building the nvnet and nvaudio drivers, works like a charm ;) for me.
I use a 2.4.20 kernel patched with patch-2.4.21-pre5.

AMD Athlon XP2400, ASUS A7N8X

maplebacon 03-31-03 08:44 AM

You're experience is quite the opposite of mine. I realize that the missing modversions.h file was just a symptom of more general install problems.

I was not able to a) select kernel modules to install/not install, b) install packages that had the 'make' utility even though I check off C/C++.

I am using Debian 3.0r1 (woody) CDs 1 & 2 to install. HW is A7N8X Deluxe, WD 80 Gig IDE drive, Daytona nforce type graphics card; really regular stuff.

Also, reading a bit more on this site, I found the "Guide to A7N8X Under Linux" thread. Too much work. :eek:

I'll try running the sarge "test" distribution that is built weekly to see if support is built in. I don't mind being a tester anyways to help with the Debian effort.


suexec 04-05-03 05:07 AM

maplebacon, are you compiling your own kernels or using Debian's binary kernels? Cuz I believe the modversions.h file is generated when do you a 'make dep' before you compile the kernel.

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