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Haderen 05-28-07 04:36 AM

dmraid and ntfs-3g
I have a Asus K8N-VM (nForce 410). I can get both dmraid and ntfs-3g to work (which is a must, since all my music is located on a winXP partition).

However I can't get the winXP partition to automount via the /etc/fstab.

Shouldn't this work:

/dev/nvidia_caghehfh5 /home/mads/Desktop/Musik ntfs-3g locale=da_DK.utf8, 0 0

Maybe it's wrong with my permissions?

In advance, thnx for the help.

Haderen 05-28-07 05:32 AM

Re: dmraid and ntfs-3g
Myabe it would work if I put an entry into /etc/init.d/boot.local

akimalahey 06-09-07 09:17 PM

Re: dmraid and ntfs-3g
/dev/nvidia_caghehfh5 /home/mads/Desktop/Musik ntfs-3g auto,locale=da_DK.utf8 0 0

ViN86 06-11-07 08:44 AM

Re: dmraid and ntfs-3g
i found it much easier to compile my own kernel (or at least recompile a kernel) and add NTFS support. then just add the entry to your /etc/fstab file.

permissions must be set correctly. not on my linux machine atm. i can post my fstab file later if you opt for this path.

also, check out IRC. lots of help out there.

Haderen 06-11-07 09:26 AM

Re: dmraid and ntfs-3g
I'm relatively new to linux - so compiling is (or just seems) too complicated.

But I'm upgrading hardware real soon, and considering switching to Fedora with native softraid support.

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