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ragejg 03-28-03 07:05 AM

Tenebrae on new drivers... Post Results!
I haven't heard much from people about perf. in this mod since... well... dang, like Cat 3.0 and 41.09... jeez...

I'd like to know how y'all are doin on this game with newer drivers... pref. 43.45 & Cat 3.2...

I don't have tenebrae, but I will very soon... It's gonna make my 310/560ti4200-128mb and OC'ed 8500DV beg for mercy I'm sure...


Oh, and how's IQ?

deejaya 03-31-03 06:09 AM

Just installed it, using the 43.45 drivers and the default "Standard" settings @ 10x7x32, and it looks a hell of a lot better than the original and performs very well too. Had to pinch myself when I saw the steam and water :P

poursoul 03-31-03 06:31 AM

looks just the same on a gf3, the water still turns solid white when you go under.

StealthHawk 04-01-03 05:46 PM

there are a lot of effects you can turn on to make Tenebrae look better, but it kills performance even more.

and for the record...a pathetic 40fps @ 640X480

also...the screen should not go solid white when you go underwater, did you apply the VIS patch?

deejaya 04-02-03 08:41 PM

I applied the vis patch, but when I stood facing a certain angle, the water went that horrible white not transparent colour. It was ok when at most angles though.

poursoul 04-19-03 12:31 AM

same here, most angles are ok. it's really wierd though... you could be sitting at an angle and the water will be perfectly white. Move the mouse a little up and then back to the same angle and it's fine. i know what your saying (it's probably not the same angle) but it is. To support this there is another thing i can mention, which is when i dont even touch the mouse & keyboard in a water scene, after a few seconds the surface will go white. it's not just white, but a glaring white. if i turn off the "Glares" (i think) option it goes away.

BTW : when i said surface, i meant just the surface. if you go under the water the surface will do the same thing, bu the rest wont.

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