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rrrnvirrrnvi 06-01-07 10:49 AM

GeForce 6100 with ACER AL2216WD
Hi, just wanted to check if anyone had used integrated GeForce 6100 with this display, or if in general whether the GeForce 6100 can be used with a display resolution of 1680 x 1050 as I have googled and found conflicting and couldn't find any mention of it in this forum.
Many thanks for any help,

shoes 06-21-07 05:10 AM

Re: GeForce 6100 with ACER AL2216WD
Hi, yes I'm using my onboard 6150 with a 22" LCD after my 8800GTS was shipped (RMA'ed), and you just go into the NV CP, click on "view" (in the top toolbar), expand to "define custom view", then put a check mark in "manage custom resolutions" on the empty box, then close out and go there in the control panel and you can specify and set up (add it as a custom resolution) 1680*1050 manually then be sure to set it at 32 bit.

squeezix 09-14-07 06:24 PM

Re: GeForce 6100 with ACER AL2216WD
No, it does NOT work with the 6100. Maybe it works with the 6150, but not with my 6100. As far as I can tell. So now I'm up a creek.

When I do your procedure the option of having 1680 x 1050 AND 32-bit colors at 60Hz is not presented. It doesn't exist. I can't get it to do it. If I ask the software to add a 50Hz mode, THEN it permits me to ask for 1680 x 1050 x 32. But the monitor then croaks with given a 50Hz input.

The chipset just isn't fast enough. Very weird -- the Acer resolution is not rocket science. (Or maybe the NVidia software is confused. I did try going into the full-manual graphics setup mode -- where you get to define your own "Front Porch" and all -- but I wasn't able to make sense of it.)

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The nearest graphic card that "might" work (won't know until we try it, will we?) is miles and $$$ away from me.

squeezix 09-15-07 12:17 AM

Not enough main memory speed!
Here I am replying to my own message. To wit:


I figured out what was going on. My lovely GEForce motherboard had mysteriously turned my memory speed down to 200MHz. That should still be more than enough to run 1680 x 1050 x 32, but apparently the NVidia software didn't think so. When I explicitly put the memory back to 400MHz (DDR) and rebooted, the NVidia driver presented the 32-bit option without any fuss.

(I'm still puzzled why 1600 x 1200 x 32 was being offered at the same time that 1680 x 1050 x 32 was not being offered, but far be it from me to question success.)

By the way, if you download the Acer monitor driver from the Acer website (it's NOT shipped with the monitor!!) then you don't need to go into Manual mode with the NVidia software. And you'll get a color profile installed too.

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