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dryars 03-29-03 11:46 PM

Benchmarking 1st-gen video cards?
Anyone ever try doing that to first-gen cards? Like ATI 3D Rage, S3 ViRGE, or Nvidia's first one(forget the name).

I think it would be funny to see if they can even get any 3dmark score.

The Baron 03-30-03 12:06 AM

they can't. don't try.

Dazz 03-30-03 05:43 AM

You can only run 3D mark 2001 and not 2003, you score should be about 300pts. Mean while most people are getting 15,000+ pts.

-=DVS=- 03-30-03 01:41 PM

You could benchmark on regular games not 3dMark ;)

From current cards who get 30 to 300 FPS (depending on game)
you would probably get from 0 to 30 :D

sbp 03-30-03 09:59 PM

count the spf {seconds per fra****

-=DVS=- 03-31-03 03:12 AM


Originally posted by sbp
count the spf {seconds per fra****
LOL :lol: good one , It would happen on moust current games thats for sure :D

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