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DAC350 03-30-03 10:22 AM

I'm a newb, need help
I just ran 3dmark 2003, and got 3656...:( I got a P4 2.4, 1 gig of ram, abit th7 MB, GFFX 5800 ultra, 430 PSU. Why does my score suck? I got all the recent MB and all other drivers. Why does it say my current AGP rate is 0 and my fsb is only 100 when it should be 400? These test are with aa and af disabled. Hope the link works. Thanks.


Captain Beige 03-30-03 10:26 AM

the recent drivers (43.xx) do suck. benchmarks in reviews are done with 42.xx drivers which are cheat drivers for advertising purposes.

DAC350 03-30-03 10:30 AM

Why does it read 0 AGP and 100 FSB? Thanks.

Captain Beige 03-30-03 11:16 AM

maybe just bug because of the way it changes its clock speeds so it doesn't get read properly.

jAkUp 03-30-03 11:44 AM

the 43.45 drivers do not suck... i get over 5,400 3dmarks with them... i have the same speed processor as you too man.. something is up... and check the link you posted.. its not working. make sure it is the compare link. i wanna see it. also.. your fsb should not be 400. it should be 100 or 133. fsb on your cpu is different... those are 533 or 400. and your agp rate... something is up. what motherboard do you have? make sure it is correctly set in the bios.

DAC350 03-30-03 12:22 PM

I have a abit th7 II MB and it is set to 4x and fastwrite is enbaled. Maybe it's just a bug in 3dmark? Try this link.


jAkUp 03-30-03 12:30 PM

hmmm... you sure aa and af are set to 0??

DAC350 03-30-03 01:21 PM

Yeah, both set to 0, and I reformatted after the GFFX install......I don't know wtf is up....

DAC350 03-30-03 05:21 PM



jAkUp 03-30-03 05:27 PM


creedamd 03-30-03 06:40 PM

I wonder why your cpu score is so low..

my compare


DAC350 03-30-03 08:21 PM

I don't know, it's a P4 2.4 400 fsb.

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